Friday, October 27, 2006

Secret Machines @ Union Station 10/24/06

The first in a series of free shows called "Public Displays of Affection" presented by Indie 103.1, Secret Machines announced they'd be performing at Union Station on Tuesday, Oct. 24.

As with most things free, there was a catch, but at least it was a small one: in order to get in, you had to take public
transportation to the event. A free show just for showing Mother Earth some love sounded like a good deal to me.

And a good deal it was. Secret Machines served up amplified shoegaze with a rock edge, providing the perfect amount of sway-factor for those of us who'd just tossed back a few at the bar. And kudos to the sound guys - I was thoroughly impressed by the absence of those horrible echoes to be expected in the middle of a train station. The three-minute Gold Line trip there was long enough for me - the crazy homeless guy in the corner hysterically laughing at our conversation kinda freaked me out - but one can't complain about a free show with an amazing band in a weird location. I definitely look forward to the next guerrilla gig.

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