Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Beatles reunite as Dr. Dog

Unfortunately the Dr. Dog was sold out by the time I got there, so I opted instead to go to The Rainbow and had a butt-rocking good time. Anyway, I did write up the following little preview below, which was published in L.A. Record. I plan on catching them in October, so expect a proper review then...

THURSDAY, JULY 12: The Beatles are back together, and for some reason they’ve taken up residency in West Philly, added a fifth member, and renamed themselves Dr. Dog. At least, I don’t see any other explanation for how a band whose sound is so drenched in ’60s nostalgia can, at the same time, manage to be entirely fresh and wholly original. Dr. Dog formed in 1999 when guitarist Toby Leaman and drummer Scott McMicken decided to create a more ambitious side-project, resulting in a 35-track collection of lo-fi tunes which would later be released as Dr. Dog’s debut in 2001. Though having quickly risen to local stardom in their native Philadelphia, the group began receiving national recognition in 2004 when they landed the opening slot on tour with My Morning Jacket, garnering the band a widened audience for their third full-length, 2005’s Easy Beat. This year’s highly anticipated follow-up, We All Belong, is an album once again heavy on reverb and fuzzy guitars, Lennon/McCartney/Harrison harmonies and George Martin-esque orchestral string arrangements. Upgrading from an 8-track recorder to 24, the new album boasts a more polished sound than its lo-fi predecessor, featuring more intricate instrumentation and solid pop arrangements. Their live show—as close to a Beatles reunion as we’ll see in this lifetime—is not to be missed. (LL)

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