Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Pity Party, Eskimohunter @ Spaceland 7/30/07

The Pity Party


As published in L.A. Record:

I have what some might describe as an unhealthy obsession with local duo The Pity Party, so when I heard they would be playing one of my favorite venues on my birthday, there was no question where I’d be celebrating my turning a quarter of a century old. After trying for a ridiculous 45 minutes to close out our tab at Red Lion, we rushed over to Spaceland only to be met with an ENORMOUSLY long line at the valet. I had to check my palm pilot to make sure it was indeed a Monday night – I hadn’t seen a line that long since a Cold War Kids show a few months back. Since it was my birthday, I felt it gave me leeway to hop out of the car and leave my friends to deal with the parking madness while I ran in to enjoy the sounds of The Pity Party. Though I’ve seen them probably a dozen times, every single one of their performances still leaves me gaping in awe at their utter amazingness. Drumkit front and center, the lovely Heisenflei pulls triple-duty, playing drums and keys while managing the lead vocals, at some points even taking on percussion duties using a maraca as a drumstick. Alongside her, Maurice-Robert busts out gritty guitar riffs while providing supporting harmonies. Their experimental and refreshingly unique sound evocatively blends the artsy rawness of Nico-era Velvet Underground with surprisingly loud intensity for a two piece. I’m really glad that others are catching on– when they drove into “Dronebots and Peons for Eons and Eons” (my favorite track off their self-titled EP), half the crowd sang along with them. Too awesome. Up next was Eskimohunter, whose heavy fuzzy hooks, shoegazey organs, catchy melodies and amazing stage lighting were the perfect way to mellow out an increasingly intoxicated birthday girl.

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