Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Silver Apples/The Moon Upstairs @ Spaceland 9/22/07 (preview)

As published in L.A. Record:

Coming off a ten-year hiatus (which itself came off a 27-year hiatus), the "gods of space rock" Silver Apples have hit the road once again on a ten-date microtour across the States. Formed in New York in 1967, the experimental electronic rock duo featured Dan Taylor on drums alongside Simeon Coxe and his homemade synthesizer, consisting of nine audio oscillators and an assortment of 86 sound filters, telegraph keys, radio parts, lab gear and assorted bits of secondhand electronics, all manually operated with hands, elbows, knees and feet. Creating a spectacle both visual and aural, the duo soon garnered a reputation as a leading force in New York’s underground music scene. Though widely praised as trailblazers of electronic noise rock, the band’s exceptional lyrical work is too often overlooked: “Things have changed since Mama held my hand real tight / and wind has blown since I had my supper every night.” Heavy, man. Silver Apples will embark on this special reunion tour with local lads the Moon Upstairs, whose melody based psych-pop recalls the Brit-rock of the early ‘70s. Taking its name from a Mott the Hoople song and citing George Harrison, Pink Floyd, the Plastic Ono Band and Funkadelic as influences, the Moon Upstairs manages to wear its influences on its sleeve while putting a fresh spin on the genre. This will be a rare opportunity to view psych rock’s past and present on the same stage. (LL)

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